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    This live recording took place in October of 2018, just one day before the release of my first jazz album, 1st Set. Thanks to Yvan Ischer, producer at Radio Suisse Romande-Espace 2 and host of the legendary broadcast “JazzZ”, for inviting us to perform in Studio 15, located in Lausanne, Switzerland. Here, we presented musical selections from 1st Set, live in the studio.
    Living just around the corner from the studio, a refined pianist, and famous composer made a surprise appearance – Julien-François Zbinden! Having JFZ (his nickname) in the studio was something very special for us all! Studio 15 was, and is a place very dear to JFZ’s heart, having performed there often during his long career.
    My friendship with Julien-François began in the late 1990‘s, while I was principal trumpet of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra. Since that time, I have been fortunate to share many moments with him, not only in Switzerland, but also throughout Europe. I will always cherish the many discussions about music (classical & jazz), life, and philosophy that we have shared.
    At the conclusion of the session, I was very touched when Julien-François (at the ripe old age of 100) joined us on the piano, and started playing a blues. We followed his lead spontaneously, and were very grateful to share a few minutes of musical eternity with this great man. Without any hesitation, we have decided to include this bonus track, Centenary Blues!
    The fresh and impromptu quality of this live session appealed to Benoît d’Hau, director at IndéSENS Records. He proposed this recording would be a nice complement to my first jazz album. Since we both share a passion for tennis, and with a little blink of an eye, Benoît proposed the title Tie-Break for this album. 

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    1 When It’s Sleepy Time Down South

    2 Take The A Train 

    3 The Seductress

    4 I Remember Maurice André 

    5 My Foolish Heart 

    6 Centenary Blues

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